Mazda KMV666EZ1 GPS Navigation SD Card USA / Canada / Mexico 2024



Part Number: KMV666EZ1 / KMV6 66 EZ1 / KMV6-66-EZ1
SD card map data: 2024
Coverage: USA / Canada / Mexico

Compatible with any Mazda with Mazda Connect 1 system

Mazda 3     2024
Mazda Cx-30 2024
Mazda Cx-50 2024
Mazda Cx-5  2024
Mazda Cx-9  2024
Mazda Cx-90 2023-2024

Mazda’s fully integrated Navigation SD card works seamlessly with your Mazda Connect system. Bringing you maps, directions and more – all displayed on your car’s touch screen.

Supports: Address, Postcodes, Coordinates, Driver Alerts, Active Speed, Current Speed & Estimated Arrival Time. Intelligent Route Planning. Fast & Accurate GPS Tracking.


SD card, Downloadable Map Data + 3 years of free updates


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