Mercedes Benz NTG 5*1/5s1

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Mercedes Benz NTG 5s1/

Command 5s1 is installed on the restyled E-class W212 (2015), Mercedes CLS-class W218, GLE c292 coupe crossover, updated GLE w166 SUV, flagship GLS X166, A-B-CLA-GLA classes of 2015 lineup. On this command it is possible to activate Apple carplay Mercedes and Android Auto, original multimedia navigation system Command Online. AMG 6.3 The head unit is available in various languages. It is also possible to install the equipment purchased from us on the same day! Command Online NTG 5s1, 5.1, for G class W463 (with command activation code) Device functionality Comand NTG 5s1, 5.1 New command menu is available. The command has a USB input with the ability to play video, built-in Bluetooth, DVD drive with the ability to play DVD, CD, MP3 formats and hard drive for storing music files and navigation maps. There is also a slot for memory cards up to 32Gb. 8" high-resolution and contrast monitor helps you to see everything clearly. The interface is improved.Moreover, there is an improved sound quality due to the built-in amplifier of the latest generation. Additionally, it is possible to connectApple carplay Mercedes - I-Rod, Android auto, rear view camera. It is possible to implement the functioning of the DVD player in motion. Entertainment system for your passengers is a great way to spend time. It is possible to complete installation (on a turnkey basis) of the Comand Online NTG 5s1 navigation system without losing the manufacturer's warranty on the car. Installing AUX, USB - Installing a TV tuner, TV tuner - Installing Command systems with a navigation map - Navigation maps - Rear view cameras.

This system has a lot of great features and functions:

* Large and high contrast TFT screen; * Support for CD and DVD discs with the ability to read MP3 files; * Support for SD cards and USB drives; * Ability to connect external sources via AUX; * Ability to connect iPod and iPhone; * Navigation maps of Russia, including a detailed map of Moscow and the Moscow region; * Speakerphone via Bluetooth; * Built-in hard drive for storing navigation maps; * Possibility to connect additional equipment - reversing camera, TV tuner.

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