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Car GPS systems

In recent years, GPS navigators are often used by different groups of people. With these devices, people can easily navigate in a large city. Car GPS navigators must choose the optimal route for movement with the latest changes in traffic. Moreover, these systems quickly perform address lookups. In order to perform the assigned tasks, auto navigators are filled with a rich base of infrastructure facilities. The driver easily finds restaurants, gas stations, parking places and hotels in the device. A motorist can get up-to-date information about traffic jams from FM radio stations, via mobile communications and using the mobile GPRS protocol. GPS systems also need SD cards to record information about different routes. Memory is an important thing, which we would like to talk about.

The nuances of choosing memory cards

Memory cards are small things with a big role. There are a lot of kinds and models of memory cards now and it is crucial to choose the best card for your device. It is necessary to choose the amount of memory. SD cards for navigation systems are available with different amounts of memory: 4, 8 GB or even more.  The new cards run on UHS-I with SDA 3.0 and speed class 10. They hold temperatures up to 85C. Users can also monitor the lifetime of the card using the supported health status monitoring.

SD cards for auto navigators: best models

As it is shown on our website, the most popular car brands are: Mazda, Chevrolet and Mercedes. Mercedes Benz navigation SD card is rather popular and is famous for its high quality. Here we would like to show you characteristics and nuances of Mercedes Benz navigation SD card.

Mercedes SD cards

People who would like to buy a Mercedes navigation SD card often have questions. First of all, they would like to know which models this navigation system is compatible with. Now we will tell you about compatibility.

Mercedes Benz navigation SD card

Mercedes Benz navigation SD card is rather popular. Let us find out why these SD cards are so popular with car drivers. Firstly, Mercedes Benz navigation SD card is compatible with different car models: C class W205 Saloon (from 03/ 2014 audio 20CD Touchpad to 07/2017), C class W205 Estate (from 09/ 2014 audio 20CD Touchpad to 07/2017), new V class and many more. So many people who buy new cars will choose this SD card. On our website you can buy it for a super price.